DOS Games: Action/Arcade

XQuest 2

Maker: Mark "Atomjack" Mackey

Year: 1996

Rating: 4/5

Size: 305 KB

This game is all the more impressive when you realize it wasn't made by some big-time game studio, but by an independent game maker. The goal is simple: pick up all the gems without hitting the walls or getting killed by the enemies, and escape with the gems as fast as you can. When all the gems are picked up, a door at the top will open. If you do this under the part time, you will get bonus points. The faster you do it under par, the more points you earn.

An impressive aspect of XQuest 2 is the many options it posseses. You can set vertical and horizontal sensitivity (very important in a game like this), choose your input device and set it up to your choosing, select the amount of players, the difficulty, and the sound settings. The Help section found on the main menu is also great. It gives a short look at how the game is played.


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