DOS Games: Action/Arcade

WormWars 3

Maker: Christian Knudsen

Year: 2006

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 79 KB

Christian himself describes WormWars 3 as "a variation of the classic snake game, but with a lot of extra weapons and stuff added". Indeed there are a lot of extras such as the level editor and upgrades. This independent work has so much detail and it pays off because the outcome is an entertaining game with replay value.

WormWars 3 can be played solo, against a computer, and against a person. The third of these is probably the most fun and playing solo is pretty pointless unless you are trying to learn to play. The computer is surprisingly smart so you can actually play without crushing it or getting crushed.

There are two very different game modes: score match and death match. In a score match, two players compete to get a certain high score with the first to do so being the winner. A death match is won when a player kills their opponent by shooting at them or the opponent kills themselves by running into something. A third, if you can call it that, is the attempt hi-score type. It is like a score match except you aren't playing to a certain score.

There is a big difference between single game and full game. A single game is just that; you choose a level and settings and play it. A full game is played over multiple levels (up to 11 added through the playlist) and with an optional upgrade shop.

For more information, check out the great manual in the game. It covers everything very well. If you have played the game a bit and like it, read the manual because odds are there is ton of cool extra stuff you'll find about that you didn't know. WormWars 3 is much more than it seems at first. The real fun starts when you play full game death matches with upgrades.


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