DOS Games: Strategy


Maker: Team 17/Infogrames/Ocean

Year: 1995

Rating: 3.8/5

Size: 1.62 MB

In Worms, you control a small team of worms on one of the many different landscapes and try to blow up the other team. There are many weapons to use, mines, teleporting, and cool equipment. In this demo version, the human vs human mode is more fun than playing against the computer because the computer has only one difficulty, and it's pretty hard.

To change from human vs human to human vs computer, go into "Team Entry" and click on where it says "Human" on the second line. When in-game, use the arrow keys to move and aim. Right click once for weapons and another time for equipment. Also, this is another one of those games where speeding up the Cpu Cycles (Ctrl + F12) in DOSBox should help.


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