DOS Games: RPG

Ultima 1 - The First Age of Darkness

Maker: Origin Systems Inc.

Year: 1987

Rating: 3.8/5

Size: 141 KB

Ultima is a solid series with a ton of sequels and much success. The first game in the series is no exception. Ultima 1 lets you create a character (you get to decide race, sex, and class, as well as skill allocation) to play as. You can come back to that character at any time, which sounds basic but is a must for RPG games. The goal of the game is to defeat Mondain, an evil wizard.

The really cool thing about this game is that it has two views. There is the overhead view and the 3D view. The overhead view is used when you are walking around the map, and the 3D view is used in caves and such.

There's a lot to this game, and because I'm pretty bad at it (I died a lot) I can't really guide you through it. The first thing you should do though, is head to the castle to the left. Talk to the king. You can either buy hit points or get a quest. Next, you should head into another of the buildings and buy equipment.

There are a lot of commands, so instead of listing them all here, just go to this page. They do a nice summary. Enjoy!