DOS Games: Action/Arcade


Maker: Play Byte/Bones Park Software Artistic

Year: 1992

Rating: 4/5

Size: 136 KB

A simple task: fly people from platform to platform. Ugh! lets you take on the persona of an caveman taxi driver. Your vehicle is an ancient version of a helicopter which is controlled with the arrow keys. Basically, you land on a platform with someone standing on it and a speech bubble pops up telling you where to take them. Make sure to let the passenger get fully on before you take off, otherwise they will fall out. You will know when they are on because a bonus meter will start counting down in the bottom right.

After you fly a bunch of passengers to their locations, the level seems to end. I'm unsure of how many passengers need to be transported each level because there doesn't seem to be a display for that. As you advance in levels, obstacles such as rising water and prehistoric beasts will add to the challenge.


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