DOS Games: Action/Arcade


Maker: Acclaim, Midway, Software Creations

Year: 1990

Rating: 3.5/5

Size: 404 KB

Trog is a fun little game in which you play a dino character trying to collect dinosaur eggs to protect them from the cavemen. Your goal is to collect all the eggs and leave while staying away from the cavemen, obstacles, and the edges (you will fall off). Helpful powerups pop up here and there to assist you.

If at first the game doesn't keep your interest, give it a chance as the later, tougher levels get much more exciting with more powerups and more cavemen and obstacles. You can also start at a harder level. The final option worth mentioning is the two player mode, which pits the two players against each other with the one who collects all their eggs firsts and exits being the victor.

When there is only one player, move with the arrow keys and use space for fire. With two players, the red dino moves with the arrows keys and 5 on the NumPad is fire. The blue dino moves with O (left), P (right), Q (up), A (down), and space is fire. F1 is pause.


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