DOS Games: 3D Shooter

Tomb Raider

Maker: Core Design LTD

Year: 1996

Rating: 4/5

Size: 2.09 MB

Tomb Raider and Lara Croft are now household names, what with all the games and the two movies starring Angelina Jolie. In this game, the resourceful and talented Lara Croft makes her debut. This is where it all started. Lara has many skills including jumping, swimming, shooting, and even moving massive boulders.

The main drawbacks of Tomb Raider are that the graphics are pretty crappy and the navigation is sub par. Sometimes you walk all the way into a room before being able to see what is in it. The shooting can be troublesome, too. Lara self-targets enemies, which can be hard to work with and get used to. However, the adventure aspect of this game almost completely makes up for all of that. Getting past something you could not get past before, or finding new skills, is exciting and makes you keep playing this game.

Tomb Raider is not the kind of game that I could play for a long time. Eventually it just gets too frustrating and there doesn't seem to be a way through. Still, it is a fun play and definitely deserving of its rating.

Shockingly, this game ran terribly in DOSBox, while it ran great without anything in Windows 2000. All older operating systems should run it fine, too, and I hope XP can run it. Make sure to read the excellent (because it is nice and short) README.txt file because it goes through the controls.