DOS Games: Strategy

The Oregon Trail Deluxe

Maker: MECC

Year: 1992

Rating: 4.7/5

Size: 1.82 MB

The Oregon Trail Deluxe takes you on a 2,000 mile trek in 1848. You are your crew set out from Independence, Missouri to Willamette Valley, Oregon. You must manage resources such as food, clothes, wagon parts, and ammunition. Decisions regarding crossing rivers and which way to go when you reach a point of multiple routes are important in the completion of your trip.

The game is pretty easy to pick up but it will probably take you a few plays to get used to what the right decisions are. I suggest reading the brief introduction which can be seen from the main menu. Once you are ready to start, you must choose your occupation, starting supplies, and starting time. There is a real difference between the occupations. Click on the help button in the occupation box for more information. There is also help available for the starting supplies and starting time.

Once the trip starts, you can control food rations, pace, rest etc. Talking to people is good for hints and the guide will give you helpful facts about places. Hunting will provide your group with food and is fun because it is done in arcade fashion. Hint: don't hunt too much because you won't be able to carry it all back. At the end of you journey, you may choose to raft down to the destination, which is also done in arcade style. Click on "Continue" to get going and "Options" when you want to save, among other things.

Note: I had trouble getting my cursor to the right end of the screen when running this game in DOSBox. If you experience the same difficulties, just press Alt+Enter to go into full screen mode.


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