DOS Games: Puzzle

Stone Age

Maker: Eclipse

Year: 1992

Rating: 4/5

Size: 394 KB

In Stone Age, you are guiding a dinosaur from one door to another in a cave using moving blocks. You can move these blocks by standing on them or using your telepathically. Movement is done with the arrow keys and the blocks are moved telepathically using space. Press space to activate a white box around your dinosaur. Move this box to a block that can be moved and press space again to move it. Press Q to restart the level (it will cost a life/candle), P to pause, and Esc to quit. Make note of the magic word given after every level that will let you start at that next level later on.

Stone Age has a unique jukebox, which lets you set the music for the game. The music is actually pretty cool and accompanies the game well. To set your playlist, press F4 at the main menu then F1-8 to add songs to the playlist. Delete will remove songs, and F10 will turn the music off.


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