DOS Games: Sidescroller

Alien Carnage - Halloween Harry - Save the world from aliens as Halloween Harry

The Simpsons: Bart vs The Space Mutants - Play as Bart Simpson and try to save the world

Batman: The Movie - Batman fans: don't miss this one. The rest of you: check this out anyway

Blackthorne - One of the great DOS games. A classic from Interplay and Blizzard

Commander Keen Episode One: Marooned on Mars - The first of the Keen series. Fun sidescroller where you use a pogo stick to jump over stuff

Commander Keen Episode Four: Secret of the Oracle - My personal fave of the whole series

Commander Keen Episode Six: Aliens Ate My Babysitter - Yet another Keen game. Good games can get away with having a bunch of sequels

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure - Play as Cosmo, a green alien with suction cup hands

Crystal Caves - Apogee fan? Crystal Caves has a ton of fun levels

Dangerous Dave - Collect the ten trophies from Clyde's hideout

Duke Nukem I - The first and most primitive of the Duke Nukem series

Duke Nukem II - Slightly better than Duke Nukem I

Hocus Pocus - Help a young magician earn a spot on the Council of Wizards

Iron Blood - A simple game in which you control one of two mech-looking characters and destroy enemies

Jazz Jackrabbit - Wild game. The makers do a nice job at setting Jazz apart from other video game characters

Krusty's Super Funhouse - Help Krusty the Clown with his mice problem

Monster Bash - My favorite DOS game. Take Johnny Dash through a world of monsters rescuing pets

Prince of Persia - Not a very self explanatory game to say the least

Secret Agent Man - Try to find the secret satellite blueprints in this challenging sidescroller

Shadow Knights - Battle lots of enemies in a disappointing but challenging game

The Lost Vikings - Control three Vikings and try to escape from alien surroundings