DOS Games: Action/Arcade

Shooting Gallery

Maker: Nels Anderson

Year: 1995

Rating: 3.5/5

Size: 213 KB

Shooting Gallery lets you test your shooting skill in many different events. There's shooting moving targets, skeet shooting, and quick draw. As the rounds go on (7 total), the events get harder. You have to shoot multiple skeets at the same time, or hit more than one target in quick draw. The last round is a shootout, where you have to shoot bad guys and watch out for the citizens.

There's really not much to explain, you only need your mouse for the controls, and this game ran fine for me in DOSBox. Remember, press Ctrl+F10 to toggle the mouse in and out of DOSBox, or you will be wondering why you are clicking but the game isn't responding. If you have a black cursor on the game screen, that means you need to press Ctrl+F10 to toggle the mouse into the game.