DOS Games: Sidescroller

Shadow Knights

Maker: Id Software, Softdisk Inc.

Year: 1991

Rating: 1/5

Size: 137 KB

Shadow Knights is a very simple and action packed game. However, there is nothing special, unique, or new in the game to make it interesting. The graphics and enemies are plain, the ninja-looking hero has sub par control, and the dogs that attack you are probably the most annoying things in any video game ever.

Magic is used in the game to heal yourself and to throw magic stars. The magic meter is the one on the top right, and the health meter is on the top left. The little yellow orbs add to your magic.

I would list the controls, but you can see them all by pressing F1 in the game, so I'll leave them out. I had a problem with the controls because they say the up arrow will throw magic stars, while it is actually 1 by default. To change this and other controls, hit F3.


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