DOS Games: Sports

Sensible World of Soccer

Maker: Sensible Software/Renegade/Wave Software

Year: 1994

Rating: 3.2/5

Size: 3.6 MB

Mediocre elements are immediately noticed and hold this game down. It is very hard to get into the game, as there are no guides or helper points. The installation itself is a pain. Once you get past all of the troubles in getting in the game, you will find yourself playing a fast paced soccer game with quite fun gameplay.

Sensible World of Soccer holds tons of teams to play with. This is incredibly impressive and there are dozens and dozens of teams to choose from. The graphics are satisfactory, and the controls are nice. Unfortunately, there's only one button other than the moving around. So pass, shoot, and defensive maneuvers all share the same key. Once you get playing a bit, you will figure out how to deke players and such. I suggest starting out playing against lesser known teams instead of powerhouses like Manchester United or Real Madrid.

On to the installation. When you unzip the file, run install.exe. Install wherever you like, and run install.exe again. After selecting your language, go to configure>control. This lets you choose the controls for the game. Now you can run the sws.exe file through D-Fend or whatever. Keep in mind that when choosing teams, you will have to press the fire button twice to you, and not the computer, control that team.