DOS Games: Sidescroller

Secret Agent Man

Maker: Apogee

Year: 1992

Rating: 4.2/5

Size: 174 KB

At first Secret Agent Man seemed like a mediocre sidescroller that would get boring fast because I could easily beat each level without doing anything more than moving through and occasionally shooting. But then I got stuck. I had to look at the help file (F1 in the game). Now I was impressed. This game was more challenging than I thought. It turned out I needed to bring a movable barrel that I missed all the way at the start, and drag it back down. Secret Agent Man is actually very challenging. This makes it stand out because its graphics and sound sure won't. It is very easy to lose your life in Secret Agent Man, so be careful with your health and take advantage of the bullet powerups. Your mission as the secret agent is to get into the island fortress and recover secret satellite blueprints.