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Scorched Earth

Maker: Wendell Hicken

Year: 1991

Rating: 2.7/5

Size: 1.03 MB

Scorched Earth is very similar to Tank Wars, however, it is vastly inferior. Scorched Earth has worse graphics, less fun gameplay, and annoying sound. Still, Scorched Earth is not a terrible game, it is still fun to play, and see whose tank will survive the longest. The one thing this game has over Tank Wars is its deep options. You can buy equipment in both games, but this one lets you choose fine details, such as the interest rate, whether the computer will buy equipment, and if you will play in a free market. And those are only the economics options. You can also mess with the sound, hardware, physics, landscape, play options, landscape, and weapons.

ilk says: "The best thing about this game is that you can alter the in-game text when you kill someone or die. The file called Talk1.cfg had all the bravado chat, like "In your face!" and "I shall smash your ugly tank!". Whilst the file Talk2.cfg had all the death talk, like "I've got a bad feeling about this." and "Hey - I've got lawyers." Just open the Talk files in a text editor like Notepad and edit away to your hearts content."