DOS Games: Sports

Rodeo Games

Maker: Tynesoft/MicroValue

Year: 1989

Rating: 3.28/5

Size: 446 KB

Rodeo Games is an assortment of western themed mini games. You get to compete in six events: trick shooting, knife throwing, calf roping, calf wrestling, bronco riding, and finally the stagecoach rescue.

The controls are simple, with the arrow keys being used for movement and space as fire. One big downside is that the mouse can't be used instead of the arrow keys. For things such as the knife throwing and trick shooting, being able to use the mouse would be a huge help.

After each event, you are given the option of repeating the event. The point of the game seems to be only to get a higher score. Once you finish the events that you have chose (all six by default), you are taken back to the starting screen.


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