DOS Games: Racing


Maker: Electronic Arts & Papyrus Design Group

Year: 1996

Rating: 5/5

Size: 18.03 MB

I first played roadrash on a friends mega drive and I think we played it for about 40 hours straight, it felt like it was the first game I had come across that both fed my love of racing games and my taste for violence. Brilliance and something that has been copied and remade into many clones and copies. And wow, today I saw this roadrash download, clicked it, played it, got addicted again.

I got road rash for the pc Christmas in the mid to late nineties when I was about 14 and I can remember playing it for hours and hours. Every time starting it up to sound garden’s Outshined. The soundtrack alone has influenced my taste in music. However the game was to me the best thing ever, it became a family favourite with everyone but mum getting in on beating the crap out of the other riders.

The game itself is a bit different to some of the sequels where you are rewarded with cash for beating up others in this one It is purely for your own satisfaction, or to beat that guy over the line. With better game-play and graphics than a version I recently played on N64 this roadrash download still gets a run on my pc at least once a week.

There are 5 races per level and I have made it only to about level 5 from memory, I don’t think I ever finished it?? The tracks get longer as opposed to getting harder, a bit more traffic, faster bikes and the competitors seem to hit you a whole lot more.

There are also a variety of different weapons you can steal from opponents and use them to take out some more of the stress building up inside you. There is a great sense of satisfaction and humour when you beat someone of their bike or you kick them into on coming traffic. There is typically a whole heap of obstacles set in your way including some you can run over and some you can’t. Doesn’t fear anything there is nothing to lose in the road rash game even if you come last you have generally clobbered a few people on the way. Most of the obstacles stand out well and are avoidable. Running over people especially other riders who have com off is also a blast!

I highly recommend this game it is about ten years old and plays like new, except for some substandard graphics it is fairly smooth. I found I had to turn off the in game music to get it to work in Win ME and also go into properties and set it to run in Win95 mode.

5 stars in my top five forever go to RoadRash!!!


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