DOS Games: Strategy


Maker: Virgin Publishing

Year: 1989

Rating: 4.3/5

Size: 274 KB

Anyone who has played the classic board game will enjoy this. It is an excellent translation from board game to DOS version. If you've never played the board game, Risk is described by its maker as "The game of global domination". You play on a map of the earth, divided into many regions. The main goal is to take over every region, and thus, the world. You start with a set amount of men, and place them on empty areas. Once every region is occupied, you can start attacking others. The way the attack works is with dice. You may roll one to three dice per attack, and the person who rolls the highest wins. For example, I roll 2 with my first die, and the computer rolls 4. The computer wins, and I lose one man. The more territory you have, the more men you will get every turn. You will get a lot especially if you control whole continents.

The AI in this game is excellent, and the difficulty of the computer can be set to either easy, good, or standard. The game is also jam-packed with cool features that shows the makers went the extra mile. These include the "Fast Game" mode, found under options, and the "Full Map" view, found under info. This Risk game was very impressive, and I found myself playing it for quite a while.