DOS Games: Racing

Carmageddon - You don't even need to drive fast in this game, just kill off your opponents and you win

Death Rally - Incredible game. Work you way up from the bottom to be the best. Features a lot of cars and upgrades

Grand Theft Auto - The first ever GTA was also good. Complete missions, drive around town, or just see how many cops you can get chasing you

Lotus 3 - The Ultimate Challenge - Choose from a multitude of options in this game

Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament - Race a variety of vehicles in a miniature world

Roadrash - Great Motoracing Action with brutal opponents, crazy vehicles and upgrades

Street Rod (a.k.a. Hot Rod) - (a.k.a. Hot Rod)Race others for money or pink slips. You can upgrade and buy/sell cars also

Wacky Wheels - Race other animals as an animal in crazy little go carts