DOS Games: Puzzle

Boppin' - It's tough to put this game in the puzzle section because it is so different from typical puzzles. Lots of fun anyway

Farocar - Try to put the objects into their slots. Not as easy as it sounds

God of Thunder - Go back in time as Thor and stop Loki, the God of Mischief

Heartlight - Try to finish a bunch of tricky levels as an elf named Percival

Laser Light - Guide a laser to the target by placing mirrors. Gets very tough

Lemmings - Guide a group of creatures to safety in the first of a great series

Loader Larry - This one really requires thinking. Good thing there's a solution button

Oilcap - One of the many versions of this game. Connect pipes so that the oil doesn't spill out

Sherlock - Be a detective as you try to figure this puzzle out using given clues

Stone Age - Guide a dinosaur through tricky caves

Super Nibbly - A hard game with elements of Snake and Pacman. Lots of levels