DOS Games: Action/Arcade

Paperboy 2

Maker: Mindscape, Tengen

Year: 1991

Rating: 4.5/5

Size: 220 KB

This Paperboy sequel keeps almost everything the same and just improves on it. The graphics, for one, are much better. This not only makes the game more enjoyable to play, it improves functionality as you can see more of the street and it is clearer. The view has also changed and it also makes the game easier to play.

Once you choose between being a boy and a girl (new to Paperboy 2) you start your first day at work delivering newspapers. The map at the start of the level tells you which homes are subscribers and which aren't, and so you must deliver to the subscribers. You will be able to tell which houses these are because they will have mailboxes. There are stacks of papers to pick up along the way.

If a house doesn't get their paper, they will cancel their subscription. However, if you deliver to every subscriber, you can regain a former subscriber. This is called a Perfect Delivery and it earns resubscribers up to a maximum of 10. After that, it earns a free life. The game is divided into three weeks of seven days, and completing each week will earn a promotion to a new neighborhood. You can also score bonus points by stopping burglars, runaway baby strollers, breaking nonsubscribers' windows, watering the sunbather, and hassling the garbage man. There is also a little obstacle course at the end of the level where you can earn points by hitting targets, etc.

To control your paperboy/girl, use the up and down arrow keys to bike faster and slow down. The left and right arrow keys steer. There are controls to throw papers, but the best I have found are , and . which throw left and right, respectively.


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