Old News

October 10, 2007 - Today marks the third anniversary of Old School DOS! Fittingly, this mega-update includes two games set in prehistoric times with Trog and Stone Age. The final part of the update is the change in the download for Alien Cabal. The creator of the game has emailed me to inform that he is generously offering the full version for download, so the download link on the game page is now the full version. Not only that, but the download includes the Windows version, which looks better and runs without any extra programs. Big thanks to the maker.

August 1, 2007 - As The Simpsons movie hits theatres, I present Krusty's Super Funhouse. Let's just hope the new movie is better than this game.

July 15, 2007 - An excellent game is added today in The Oregon Trail Deluxe.

May 28, 2007 - Lots of changes today. First, the new game is called Cyberdogs. It is a fun top-down shooter in which you collect items and fight off enemy guards. Next, the Action and Arcade sections have been merged to form the Action/Arcade section as you can see to the left. The Sidescroller category is once again just the one single page, and all of the games are now listed alphabetically in the category pages.

May 7, 2007 -One Must Fall 2097 is a game I should have added a long time ago. This DOS classic is a must-play.

March 25, 2007 - The first game of the new year is Liero, an excellent worms-like (but real-time) game that is fun to play against a friend or even the computer. I first got sent this game way back in 2005 but was slow to get it up. Thanks to Sean for sending it in and also to the other person who later sent it (whose email I now can't find so I don't have a name to thank).

I removed the forum for now because of excessive spam. You can still reach me at admin[at]oldschooldos.com.

Finally, the download for Commander Keen 6 is now for the full game.

December 12, 2006 - Today's game is a great independent work called Worm Wars 3. I'll just say this: try out the advanced features of the game because that's where it's most fun. Props to Christian for making a DOS game in '06.

October 10, 2006 - It's been a while since I've updated. I've been real busy with school but I wanted to make sure to update today, on the two year anniversary of Old School DOS! The game is XQuest 2. It was sent to me a while ago but I couldn't find the email, so thanks to whoever sent it.

In another bit of news, my email has been getting bombarded with spam lately. I've decided to make a new one to start fresh. From now on email me at admin[at]oldschooldos.com. I'm going to start phasing out how often I check the old one, so it's important that any new ones go to this new email.

And lastly, to Sean who sent me Liero: I checked it out and it looks good. Look for it in the next few updates.

August 23, 2006 - This game was sent to me by Mahmoud, who also sent it to a bunch of other sites. The companies associated with this game have made some of my favorites, but Shadow Knights is probably the worst game I've ever played. Check it out for yourself, but don't expect too much.

August 19, 2006 - A good game in what turned out to be a very long write-up,Iron Blood is up. I also changed up the Older News page.

August 9, 2006 - Today's game was sent to me by RDK way back in late 2004. Actually, he sent me two games, one of which I quickly added called Cybersphere, and this one that I've put off because it was confusing. I finally decided to figure it out and luckily found a manual. Once I got into it, I realized it was a really good game, so here's LHX Attack Chopper. You can download the manual too. Enjoy and thanks to RDK for both games.

July 28, 2006 - What better way to keep your mind sharp in the summer than a puzzle DOS game? Here's Super Nibbly.

July 23, 2006 - I've learned a lot since I started this site in October 2004. Back in the day when the site looked like this, I used to write small reviews for each game (all the games in a category were even on the same page and didn't have their own pages) and include no screenshots. Since then, I've make this better design (v2), started writing longer overviews with 1 and now 3+ screenshots, and added a similar games line at the bottom of most new games. For this update, I went back and added screenshots and added a little text to a couple of these games: the Commander Keens (1,4, and 6),Monster Bash, and Wacky Wheels. I plan to do this for all games in the future, but I'll still keep adding new games.

July 16, 2006 - Today I present to you a rare game. As far as I know, this is the only site to have it. Huge thanks to Htos1 for sending Big Rig to me.

July 7, 2006 - Wow, it's been two whole months. The good news is I have more time now so look for frequent updates. Today it's a very good game,Paperboy 2.

May 7, 2006 - Tron anyone? If you liked the movie, you'll enjoy today's game at least for the similarity. The game is Zona 0.

April 10, 2006 - To make up for the long absense, I've added a game with a score of 5.Lemmings was an overdue addition and I truly enjoyed playing it.

February 18, 2006 - I actually played today's game longer than I play most games I put up. That means I can really say it's worth getting. It's not that easy, but it's something you can get into and play over and over until you get it. It took me a few tries before I got past my first cave. The game?Crystal Caves.

February 4, 2006 - Today's update brings us our latest application. It is called DOSShell and helps you use DOSBox more easily, a lot like D-Fend. Thanks to the Loonies Software Team for sending it in.

January 27, 2006 - Joining the ranks of Wayne's World as a DOS game and a movie is Batman: The Movie. Give it a run.

January 15, 2006 - The thing about these old DOS games is that many of them have had successful sequels that are still coming out. Series such as Ultima and the Duke Nukems had early DOS games and now have several PC games out. Today I present another of such games:Arena, a game which was the first in The Elder Scrolls saga.

January 5, 2006 - Happy New Year everyone. After an absence from updating, I am back at it now with an independent game sent in to me. It is called Mansion. Go see it for yourselves.

December 8, 2005 - I promised something special, and here it is. To celebrate 100 games, I have put up two GREAT games, both which scored a perfect 5. The first one is Blackthorne, a sidescroller. The second one is God of Thunder, a puzzle game. Check these out now, you won't be disappointed.

November 29, 2005 - New game this update is Ugh! Notice the game counter above this news section: 98. We are getting close to 100, and there's something special in store for that, I promise :).

November 27, 2005 - As snow piles up on the ground, a nice warm place to go would be a welcome break.Maupiti Island is that place, but this tough game is no vacation.

November 16, 2005 - Nice midweek update here today, a good break from the once a week updates that I have only had time for lately.Worms is the new game today, go check it out.

November 12, 2005 - Today brings another 3D shooter:Blake Stone.

November 1, 2005 -Rodeo Games is here. The sports category has really been growing lately, now with 12 games.

October 23, 2005 - I forgot to mention this last time, but October 11th marked the date this site turns one year old. We debuted with 38 games, and here we are one year later with 93. Speaking of 93, today's game is Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament. You may notice that I added a "Similar Games" line under the screenshot. This is something new I will be doing to help visitors reach similar games.

October 15, 2005 - Anyone who liked the Wayne's World movies will love today's update.Wayne's World brings Wayne and Garth to you in DOS game form.

October 8, 2005 - The sports game spree continues with Speedball 2 today.

September 25, 2005 - The site was down for a little while a few days ago. All issues have been resolved now, so everything should be fine. Game #90 is Jetpack.

September 18, 2005 - And now, here's another sports game. This time it's hockey with Face Off!

September 14, 2005 - It's starting to get colder here as September is rolling along. No more summer weather for me. If you want to play the most popular sport on the planet in DOS form, look no further than Sensible World of Soccer.

September 10, 2005 - The bad news is, this is the first update in a week. The good news is,KGB is a really fun adventure game.

September 3, 2005 - Summer is pretty much over unfortunately. Will be back to school in a matter of days. I put up Cannon Fodder today, and also wanted to mention to anyone that wants to help, that the Red Cross needs donations and volunteers to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Go to the site to see how you can help out this good cause.

August 30, 2005 - This time Dangerous Dave is added. I'll try to get a few more updates in before summer ends. I have a good sidescroller lined up, and I will try to get to it soon. I don't know how often I will be able to update during school, but it should be at least twice a week.

August 26, 2005 - At one time or another, you may have probably played one of the Ultima games. Here's Ultima 1, where it all started.

August 23, 2005 - Here is the anticipated game...Bubble Pop has long been one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I also fixed the download link for Solar Hockey League.

August 20, 2005 - Nice game for you guys today. I had been looking for a good bowling game and have found one.10th Frame Bowling is pretty fun, go try it out. Stay tuned for the next update, as I will be bringing you an awesome game, one of the few to carry a 5/5 rating. I would have updated it today, but I haven't written the review or anything for it yet.

August 18, 2005 - Today we have an adventure game:Gobliiins (spelled that way because there are three of them, I guess). A little hint to get you started: punch the right part of the stone gate to get the horn to fall down.

August 16, 2005 - Here's game #80:Astrofire. The categories are filling out nicely now, although some still have less than five games. I'll be adding more in those categories in the upcoming updates.

August 13, 2005 - Today we have Shooting Gallery, a nice simple shooting game by Nels Anderson.

August 9, 2005 - Alright, three straight updates. Today it's back to games with Bloodlust's Executioners.

August 8, 2005 - Big update today. I have put up a whole new section:Applications. It is designed to help you run these DOS games on your computers. You can find it on the side navigation menu right under the help button.

August 7, 2005 - Everybody knows Tomb Raider. Now you can play the DOS game.

August 5, 2005 - Today's update is something special. Not only because Dungeon Master is one of the top rated games in a LONG time, but because it is game number 76. This means that Old School DOS now has twice as many games as it did when it made its debut.

August 3, 2005 - Seeing as the Adventure section had a lonely 3 games,Countdown seemed like a good add. Enjoy.

August 1, 2005 -Pinball Dreams will test your reflexes and is today's new game.

July 30, 2005 - The new game today is Heartlight. Try out the fun puzzle.

July 28, 2005 - Here's one for a mental workout:Grandmaster Chess.

July 26, 2005 - Since we haven't had a racing game in a while, I decided to hit up Lotus 3 - The Ultimate Challenge.

July 23, 2005 - Today we reach 70 games. Pretty cool.Alien Cabal takes us there.

July 22, 2005 - Here are the other aforementioned sidescrollers:Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure and Hocus Pocus.

July 20, 2005 - There are three good sidescrollers that I have always wanted to get around to putting up, but I delayed it because the sidescroller category always had the most games. But that's no reason to deprive you of these three upcoming games. We'll start with Alien Carnage - Halloween Harry. The other two are coming.

July 18, 2005 - This game is old. I wasn't even born when it came out.Alley Cat is pretty fun nonetheless.

July 17, 2005 - I hope you are enjoying these frequent updates. Today's game is Blockout.

July 15, 2005 -Mad TV is the new game today.

July 14, 2005 - A fitting game for summer today,California Games II.

July 10, 2005 - Huge update today, something I've been working on for a while. The All Games List is now up. All the games are listed alphabetically so it is designed to help you find the game you are looking for.

July 1, 2005 - I hope everyone is enjoying their summers so far. Here's another game,Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf.

June 29, 2005 - After a bit of an absence due to school, I'm back to upload Risk.

June 10, 2005 -Dune 2 is here, taking us to a total of 60.

June 5, 2005 - I put up Wheel of Fortune, the first game to have a screenshot!

May 23, 2005 - Someone requested Scorched Earth, here it is.Keep them coming.

May 15, 2005 - Now time for a Simpsons game -Bart vs The Space Mutants. Remember, if you are having problems running some of these games, check the Help section.

May 7, 2005 - In an effort to make up for not updating in a while, I have added two games in empty-ish categories.Doom and Laser Light are now available.

April 24, 2005 - I put up another requested game,Secret Agent Man.

April 16, 2005 - The ever popular The Lost Vikings is up today, bringing the total amount of DOS games to 53.

April 8, 2005 - Updated a new game today. Sent in by someone, here is Cybersphere.

March 29, 2005 - As requested,Gladiator 3.8 is up. Give it a play if you are into RPGs.

March 17, 2005 - Version 2 is finally up!  I have been working on it for a long time, and it took me longer than I expected, but it's worth the wait.

Features of V2: complete redesign, each game has its own page, nicer look, easier to navigate, easier to update (this will allow me to add games with ease)

Be on the lookout for much more often updates.

Along with V2, I added a new game to make it 50! for the site. Check out Capture the Flag.

December 30, 2004 - Two games in two days! Sherlock,by request, is up. Happy New Years again!

December 29, 2004 - New game by request. The Catacomb Abyss is here. Happy New Years everyone!

December 22, 2004 - Three! new games today. Farocar, Bombs and Bugs, and Extacy are added to the collection. Also a reminder to check the forum if you are having trouble running games.

December 15, 2004 - No new game today, just wanted to mention illlogickill's sweet Icons Website.

December 11, 2004 - New game: Body Blows. Check it out.

November 27, 2004 - Solar Hockey League is added. To my knowledge, this is the only place on the net to download it.

November 15, 2004 - Two new games today, Kings of the Beach and Space Junkie. I also remodeled the Forum, so make sure to check that out... and REGISTER!

November 3, 2004 - Added DX Ball, a great breakout type game.

October 25, 2004 - It's been a while since an update, but I have added a new game today, Tetris Pro. More to come soon.

October 10, 2004 - The site is up! We start with 38 fun DOS games for you to play. More will be added soon and I am working on a new layout.

Check out the forum to request any game you wish, or discuss DOS games etc. Click on one of the categories for the games in the genre. Working on an alphabetical listing of all games as well.