DOS Games: Adventure

Maupiti Island

Maker: Lankhor

Year: 1990

Rating: 3.5/5

Size: 683 KB

You, detective Jerome Lange, are traveling on a ship when cyclone Harry hits. The ship docks at the small Maupiti Island and Marie, a passenger, has disappeared. It is your job to get to the bottom of what happened to her.

This game takes you around the island as you talk to different characters. There are ten characters in total, including Marie. The interface is pretty weak, not so much for the moving about aspect, but more so for the actions. To move from place to place, just move your mouse (I recommend using the mouse instead of the keyboard when prompted) and hover over "Mov.". Then just choose a location to go to. To talk to someone, just click on their name in the top right box, and click on "Talk To" when the menu appears. You can also follow a character.

The area where interface is weak is for the items in the "Action" menu. It is hard to tell what you can do certain actions to. If you mess up, you have to go back and choose that action again, something that can get quite bothersome.

Overall, this is a better adventure game than the rating suggests if you are willing to be patient with it. The story is good, and the mystery is there, but the game is hindered by its bad interface and lack of introduction.


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