DOS Games: Strategy

Mad TV

Maker: Rainbow Arts

Year: 1991

Rating: 3.6/5

Size: 781 KB

Mad TV is a television station simulation. You compete with two computer players who control their own stations. The game has a very steep learning curve because of its complexity and depth of controls. The interface is confusing at first, but many items have explanation boxes once you hover over them. The general controls are left click to enter a room or select something, and right click to leave rooms or menus. Remember: hit Ctrl+F10 in DOSBox to capture or release the mouse.

One important thing to know about the interface is that many things are color coded. Each of the three stations had a color representing them. Red is Mad TV, green is Fun TV, and blue is Sun TV. Much of the information you see will belong to the computer stations, so be careful not to get confused. For example, when you click on the elevator, you are taken to a screen with a lot of choices. White selections are neutral, and those with the color of your station belong to you.

The main goal of the game is to get Betty Botterblom, the most beautuful girl in town, to marry you. She works on the top floor of the building and the wall on the room shows who she likes the most. There are three pictures, one of each station manager. The higher the picture, the more Betty likes that person. The heart in the middle bottom of the screen shows how much Betty likes you. To get Betty to like you more, you can either go to the supermarket and buy her presents, or show her culture program. The amount that Betty likes you can not be higher than the image of your station, so work on the image also.

You won't last long in Mad TV without funding. Go to the advertising agency to pick up some sponsors. Run their ads to make money. You can set programs and commercials in your office, by clicking on the computer screen. You can save Mad TV by clicking on the painting by the door of your office. Good luck.