DOS Games: Racing

Lotus 3 - The Ultimate Challenge

Maker: Gremlin Interactive/Magnetic Fields

Year: 1993

Rating: 4.4/5

Size: 1 MB

Lotus 3 is a very good racing game. Not only are the graphics and sound fantastic, but the numerous options make this game as good as it is. Players can choose to race in either time trials or compete in a tournament for a championship. You can play one player or two player split screen. You can choose the difficulty and terrain. Decide between manual and automatic transmission, and even configure the controllers.

In the time trials, you are given a certain time to reach checkpoints. If you do not reach them in time, you lose. In championship mode, you compete in a series of races, collecting points depending on your finishing rank.

One key aspect of Lotus 3 is refueling. Your fuel is displayed in a bar in the top right corner while racing. If your fuel runs out, you lose. To refuel, pull over to the fueling area (usually after the checkpoints) and steer right while decelerating. The default controls for player one are A to steer left, D to steer right, W to accelerate, and S to decelerate. You can configure them to suit you. Keep in mind that the refueling station is after the refueling signs, so don't try to refuel in the signs (I have done this myself).

Although crashing into other cars and objects doesn't damage your car, it can slow you down considerably. Try to avoid crashing, although it is hard considering how fast you can get going.