DOS Games: Puzzle


Maker: DMA Design/Psygnosis

Year: 1991

Rating: 5/5

Size: 387 KB

Great graphics, catchy game music, lots of levels and difficulties, and most of all superb gameplay. What more could you want? Lemmings is one of the top DOS games of all time and arguable the best in the puzzle genre. The whole series includes a handful of games, each built around on the addictive gameplay that is saving the Lemmings in difficult scenarios.

A basic knowledge of the functions in this game is key. All of these functions are in a row of buttons at the bottom of the screen. The game does a great job at introducing these. In the first several levels, the function you need to complete the level is hinted at in the level name and it is the only function you can perform. The function with the number value on it will be this one, and the others will be off limits. This is only for the first levels and once you start being able to use all of them the game really shows its true colors.

Puzzle games aren't good if they are easy, and Lemmings is definitely not easy. Although it is more fun to figure out the solution by yourself, this site is a great resource that has all the solutions for you.


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