DOS Games: Sidescroller

Krusty's Super Funhouse

Maker: Acclaim Entertainment,Virgin Interactive Entertainment Ltd., Audiogenic Software Ltd.

Year: 1993

Rating: 2/5

Size: 510 KB

In this game you help Krusty get rid of the mice in his funhouse. The hardest thing about the game is that you have to figure out everything as far as how the game works in order to advance. The game itself is not hard, you just put a block (the block with the tiny dots on it, the other is the power up block) in a strategic position to get mice into the trap. This is never hard to do, and as the apparent focus of the game, lacks in variety. Another problem is that you have to break all the blocks with power ups in them to complete that level. This seems pointless and is time consuming not to mention no fun. Most of the power ups only give extra points, while some give ammo or life.

Once you feel that you have gotten all the mice in the trap and all the power ups you can exit the level and return to the general room with lots of doors. The door will be locked behind you if you finish the level. However, if you missed something, you have to go back and do the level all over again. The mice will be in groups, but power ups hidden in secret areas are easy to miss.

To control Krusty, use the arrow keys to move, up to enter, down to pick up and drop the block, and Ctrl to fire and to break power up blocks when standing next to them. Finally, the game is cracked, so just press Enter at the copyright protection screen.


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