DOS Games: Adventure

KGB (aka Conspiracy)

Maker: Virgin Games/Cryo Interactive Entertainment

Year: 1992

Rating: 4.2/5

Size: 2.76 MB

KGB is a very interesting game with a great plot. Basically, you are a KGB agent, and you get missions that you have to complete in a set time. The graphics and sound are well put together, and help the game develop a persona.

One thing that's great about KGB is the "smart pointer" feature. This makes the navigation much easier, as you can just hover over an object and the most common action will be automatically suggested.

Much of the action goes on in the bottom menu bar. Click the button with the wrench on it for options like saving and restarting chapters. The button to the right of that is like a map - it shows you rooms that you can go to. The screen in the middle of the menu is the inventory. Also click this screen to go back to the game. The other stuff relates to the time. Make sure to get going once you start a mission, you don't have forever.