DOS Games: Action/Arcade


Maker: Adept Software/Impulse

Year: 1993

Rating: 4.3/5

Size: 364 KB

Armed with a jetpack, your goal is to collect all the jewels on the level and go through the door. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, Ctrl for the phaser, and Alt to thrust. Watch out for the obstacles such as monsters and falling marbles. Press arrow key down when you are standing on a pad to teleport to the other pad of the same color.

The level editor in Jetpack is definitely a great addition. It lets you choose your own tiles, place enemies, and moderate the difficulty. Hit F1 in the level editor for instructions. Also, hit F1 during the game for full controls.

Jetpack ran a little fast in DOSBox, so you may want to slow down the Cpu Cycles by pressing Ctrl+F11.