DOS Games: Sidescroller

Iron Blood

Maker: Microforum, Family Production

Year: 1995

Rating: 4.8/5

Size: 4.08 MB

Years ago I played the demo for Iron Blood and I loved it. The only drawback was that it was only the first two levels, which are pretty easy to beat. I've recently found the full version, and here it is for you to enjoy.

The game is quite simple - choose one of the two characters and kill enemies. The two characters each play different games. The levels look the same (background, enemies) but are structured differently. The two choices are similar but have different weapons and aerial maneuvers. The red guy, Roy Fregun, has a jet pack while the blue guy, Sedrin Cleis, can do multiple jumps. Their options, which are like little helpers that fire at enemies, also differ.

Power ups are important. There are 16 power up levels. At certain levels you get new weapons or upgrades on current weapons. Power ups are dropped by enemies, who also drop health and the option power up, a special power up that activates your option sidekick.

Hint: On the first level, the boss is the tall fire shooting turret on the right wall at the end. Don't be fooled by the little flying things coming from the other room, you need to blow up the turret to finish the level.

The controls for Iron Blood are as follows. The left and right arrow keys are move, while up and down are used to move your gun up and down. I say gun because this only works for the attacks in which you fire something, and now punch, which is done with the other arm. Ctrl is jump, and holding it with Roy Fregun activates the jet pack. For Sedrin Cleis, you have to hit Ctrl once he is in the air to get him do jump again in midair. Alt is attack. Space switches weapons. Enter shows your power up level. Pressing left and right at the same time twice makes you dash, and as far as I can see can only be done with Roy Fregun. Dash is when you use your jet pack on the ground, giving you a burst of speed. In the levels in which you fly through the air, Alt and Ctrl are both fire, but Ctrl will turn you to the left and fire that way, while Alt will turn you to the right and fire right. Note that you can't use punch while flying.

On the technical side, F1 will pause, F2 will toggle music, F3 will toggle sound effects, and F10 will quit the game and return to the main menu.


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