DOS Games: Puzzle


Maker: Epic Megagames/xLand

Year: 1994

Rating: 4/5

Size: 550 KB

In Heartlight you guide a little elf called Percival through 20 levels of challenging play. The main objective is to collect all the hearts and exit through the door. The tough part comes from knowing how to deal with all the obstacles. Each level is filled with greenish dots (grass?) and as you walk through it, it disappears. If something is under this grass, then it will not move. But if it not supported by anything, it will fall somewhere. It takes a while to get used to knowing where the objects will fall.

Use the cursor keys to move Percival and use Esc if you get stuck and want to restart a level. F10 will get you back to the main menu, and F1 can be used to zoom. The music can get boring in a while, so use F6 and F7 if you want to turn the music and sound off, respectively.


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