DOS Games: Puzzle

God of Thunder

Maker: Adept Software/Impulse

Year: 1993

Rating: 5/5

Size: 1 MB

A fine work from Ron Davis. God of Thunder combines puzzle, adventure, arcade, and strategy into one addictive classic. This game is no walk in the park, so feel free to download the hintbook (an amazing resource) and the manual for help.

The story goes as follows (excerpt from the hintbook):

"The year is 927 A.D. (as mortals reckon time) and the Almighty ODIN has summoned you, his faithful and heroic son, to The Great Hall of Asgard:

"THOR, my son, your evil half brother, LOKI, the God of Mischief, has once again betrayed us. While I slept the great Odinsleep, he managed to subdue and take control of my beloved land of Midgard.

He has acquired the aid of two of his most fearsome allies:

JORMANGUND, the Midgard Serpent, and NOGNIR, Prince of the Underworld.

If you are not able to stop him now, his control over Midgard will be so complete that I, myself, may not be able to oppose him and his two very powerful accomplices.

To help you on your mission, I give you my most trusted weapon:

MJOLNIR, the enchanted hammer.

Made for me by the king of trolls, and enchanted by my own power, it will always return to the one who throws it."

Now, armed with only your enchanted hammer and considerable wits, you must journey to Midgard and destroy Jormangund!"

There's not much to the controls. Use the arrow keys to move around. Press Alt to shoot the hammer. Mjolnir, the hammer, will come back to you after you shoot it. Hit Space to open your inventory window. Press Enter to select an item, then hit Ctrl to use it. If you are stuck or just want to restart, press D to do so. It will return you to the status you had when you entered that particular screen. Dying is not a problem in God of Thunder. It is a puzzle game, so the objective is not to survive the longest, but to advance and defeat the boss. Enjoy this game, I know I did.


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