DOS Games: Adventure


Maker: Coktel Vision/Sierra On-Line

Year: 1991

Rating: 4/5

Size: 2.28 MB

Gobliiins is very fun when you are getting it, but it can be very frustrating. You guide three goblins (Asgard the warrior, Ignatius the wizard, and Oups the technician) through 22 levels. Each goblin has their own special skill, and you need to use each of their skills to advance. Asgard can punch stuff, Ignatius can cast spells, and Oups picks stuff up.

One thing that I don't like about the game is that there is no explanation or tutorial at the start. You are just put in the first level without knowing what to do. It took me a while to figure out, and it's important to make many observations, and think "Can I do anything to this?" Keep in mind that once you mess up, the brown bar gets smaller and smaller, and eventually you have to start over. Once you have beaten a level, a "GO" box will appear. Change to move (the arrow) and click on it.

If you get stuck, you can search for a walkthrough, but those take the fun out of it. This game is very enjoyable once things get going. One excellent feature is the passwords. At the end of every level, you get a password so you can advance to that level anytime.

As for the controls, use the mouse for the main commands. Left click on something to do an action (move there, punch it, etc) and right click to switch between moving and skills. Click on either the goblin or the oval with their pictures in the bottom middle to shift between the three different characters.