DOS Games: RPG

Gladiator 3.8

Maker: Forgotten Sages

Year: 1997

Rating: 4.7/5

Size: 688 KB

The more I played Gladiator, the more I liked it. Gladiator 3.8 is a fun RPG where you have a team of up to twenty members from different classes. You start each game with $5000 and hire and/or train people for your team. The levels are fairly short, as you only have to get to the other end of a small map to move on to the next level. You usually face about 20 opponents per level. The multiplayer (up to 4) is cool if you have somebody to play it with. This is definitely worth the download, just give it a chance and turn to the "Readme.txt" file or F1 during gameplay for help if you are stuck.