DOS Games: Sports

Face Off!

Maker: Gamestar/Mindspan

Year: 1989

Rating: 4.4/5

Size: 535 KB

Face Off! is a superb hockey game. There are many options to play around with, such as the length of periods, number of players per team, rules, and lines. The graphics are incredible and the sound is very atmospheric. You can get into fights, and the shot-cam is an awesome feature.

At the start, you get to choose between exhibition and league play. The league play is very detailed, with many GM and coach functions. You can make trades, retire players, move players from the minors to the majors, and sell your franchise.

To control your player, use the cursor keys or the NumPad. To shoot/pass, press Enter. To activate shot-cam, hold Enter, and then aim your shot with the cursor keys. You can shuffle through who you control only before the ref drops the puck. Do this with the left and right keys. On defense, tap Enter to poke check, and hold it for a harder check. Press Backspace to switch lines.

Note: Before you get to the main menu, you will be asked a question. Open the Codes.txt file with in the .zip for the answers.