DOS Games: Action/Arcade


Maker: Bloodlust Software

Year: 1992

Rating: 3.5/5

Size: 554 KB

Executioners is a fun little game which I have played and beat plenty of times. This demo version only has two levels, but they are still fun and take a while to beat. The full version can be found at the maker's site, but I didn't put it up for download here because I had trouble running it.

Control two executioners as you make your way through screens of weird enemies. There's tons of weird enemies and you have to beat all the ones on your screen until you can move on. Each level has a boss which is much harder to beat.

On the main screen press Insert or Delete to start. Move around with the cursor keys and use Delete to jump and Insert to punch. Pick someone up by walking right up to them. When you have picked them up, you can do a bunch of stuff to them like throwing them or slamming them into the ground. Press jump, jump to throw, and jump, punch to slam.

For some reason, you control both executioners with the same buttons. This can get tricky, as you sometimes end up hitting the other executioner. If you want to just have one, let one die and then don't press anything when it gives you a set amount of time to revive him.