DOS Games: RPG

Dungeon Master

Maker: FTL Games

Year: 1989

Rating: 4.8/5

Size: 875 KB

Dungeon Master is an incredible role playing game that has a lot of depth and detail. There is so much to it, yet I have barely scratched the surface myself. You start off wandering a dungeon and should soon find yourself around a bunch of framed pictures on the wall. These are actually the characters you can pick. Choose four and then move past that area. You should be at a door soon. I'm not going to go through the whole game (I haven't beaten it yet myself), but there is a great Dungeon Master following out there and you can find walkthroughs quite easily.

The four characters you have chosen each have their own abilities. Some come with weapons, and to use them, just click on the weapon and click on the monster. Make sure to pick your weapon back up later. To restore your characters' status bars, click on any character (Hint: use the numbers 1-4 on the keyboard, not the NumPad as shortcuts to the characters) and click on the ZZZ button. The status bars will slowly rise. You may have to do this several times.

To feed your heroes, click on a food item and then click the mouth of the character. The mouth button will be visible when you are in that characters inventory mode. Clicking on the eye close to the mouth will show you the stats of that character.

Make sure to select the mouse as your controller during setup, so that you will be able to use both the mouse and keyboard to maneuver. Use the NumPad to move, or just click on the directions.