DOS Games: Action/Arcade


Maker: Ronny Wester

Year: 1994

Rating: 4/5

Size: 257 KB

Cyberdogs is a top-down action game in which each level (or mission) entails collecting items while fighting off enemy guards. You can play with one or two players, choosing from the three characters named Jones, Ice, and WarBaby. After the players are chosen, you proceed to be briefed on your mission and then go on to the armoury, where you can buy and sell lives, armor, and weapons. Next you enter the level and attempt to find at least the minimum amount of items required and complete the mission by exiting through the gate (this will be the larger blue square on the map that is visible as soon as you enter the level). While playing, the number at the top in the middle will show how many more items you need to complete the mission and the timer right beside it tells you how long you have been playing the mission. The display at the top left will show information about lives, health, armor, weapons, and ammo.

The default controls use the arrow keys to move, Left Ctrl to shoot, Enter to change weapon, and F1 to show map. These can easily be changed from the main menu under "Set Controls". If you are playing with two players, you can keep them the same if you are controlling both but will need to change them if two people are playing. Other options can be changed under "Options Screen" in the main menu.