DOS Games: Sidescroller

Crystal Caves

Maker: Apogee

Year: 1991

Rating: 4.6/5

Size: 245 KB

Another hit from Apogee. Take Mylo Steamwitz through a bunch of caves, and collect all the crystals. It's important to ration your ammo and watch your health. You get five bullets at the start and can usually find a few more guns in every cave (5 bullets each). You have three hearts and every time you hit a monster or trap you lose one. When you lose all three, you just start again at beginning of the cave you were in. This makes the game feel more like a puzzle, and for good reason. Critical thinking is required as levers and switches rule the caves. If you forget to flip a switch somewhere, you may not be able to pass somewhere else.

The controls are kept simple. Arrow keys to move, Ctrl to jump, Alt to shoot. Alt is also the action key what will pull levers and flip switches. When you collect all the crystals in one cave, you can exit the cave and go tackle another cave. Watch out for the monsters and traps. As the levels can vary greatly, you may have to play them a few times over to get used to the obstacles and atmosphere.


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