DOS Games: Sports

California Games II

Maker: Epyx

Year: 1990

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 878 KB

The biggest problem with California Games II is that they do a poor job and explaining things. For starters, I was already confused when I saw the main screen, so I have decided to write a mini-manual. There is a good DOS game waiting for you if you can get do it.

Back to the main menu. Use the bird in the top left as the cursor, and move it around to one of the 8 options. You can practice one of the five sports: Hang gliding, Jet Surfing, Snowboarding, Bodyboarding, and Skateboarding. Go on the licence plate for the options, the "DOS Highway" to exit, and "Enter Competition" to compete in some or all the events.

The sports themselves need some explanation. Each one has different controls. To hang glide, make sure that the wind sock is blowing to the left, then press Enter/Space to take off. Press left and right to get higher, which seems to work some of the time for me, as I am not good at hang gliding. Hit Enter/Space to drop the balloons. The targets are the three tires that you will soon see.

Jet Surfing is much easier. Simply use the left and right arrow keys to steer and Enter/Space to accelerate. For maximum points, stay inside the buoys while going as fast as you can.

Snowboarding is much trickier. First, you have to fly the helicopter. Using the arrow keys, fly to the top of the mountain and press Enter to drop off the snowboarder on the snowy peak near the platform. Then use Enter/Space to avoid debris while going down the hill until you get to the halfpipe. You can mess around there for a while, doing tricks, then continue on to the bottom of the mountain by jumping off to the left while holding the left arrow key. Continue through the grassy then sandy areas to get to the bottom.

Bodyboarding is simple but hard. Just press Enter/Space to get into the water then ride the wave for a while. You can move up and down it using the right and left arrow keys, but don't go over it. Once the wave dies down it gets hard. You have to dodge people, posts, and birds on your way back to the beach. Use the right and left arrow keys.

Skateboarding was the most fun of the sports for me. Use left and right to speed up and Enter/Space to tricks while near the edge. The biggest danger is entering the tunnels. Make sure you don't hit the walls, or you will die and leave a bloody mess.