DOS Games: 3D Shooter

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

Maker: Apogee/JAM Productions

Year: 1993

Rating: 4.3/5

Size: 1.42 MB

My first impression of Blake Stone wasn't great. It looked like a typical mid-90s 3D shooter. I was ready to give it a 3.5 or so rating, then I started to play it a bit. First I noticed that you could use the mouse. Then I noticed the large selection of enemies. The many options and settings also add to the game, making Blake Stone a lot more than typical.

Installation may cause some problems so I will go over it here. First, extract the contents of the zip file and launch install.exe. I got an error running the install file straight up, so you may need to use DOSBox and D-Fend. Click here for more on those programs. In D-Fend, make a new profile, set this install file as the game exe file and accept all defaults. Now run that profile and install the game in the directory of your choice. Right click on the profile in D-Fend and select Edit Profile. Change the game exe file to Bssw30.exe in the original folder where you extracted the game in the first place. Now some files will "inflate". After this finishes, change the game exe of the profile once again, this time to Bstone.bat. The game should now run and you may want to increase Cpu Cycles (Ctrl + F12) to about 4500. Enjoy!


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