DOS Games: Sidescroller


Maker: Interplay/Blizzard Entertainment

Year: 1994

Rating: 5/5

Size: 1.4 MB

In one of the best DOS games ever, Kyle Blackthorne is set out to stop the evil Sarlac. Armed with a monster shotgun and whatever you pick up along the way, you must make your way through countless monsters, who have enslaved humans.

The gameplay here is great. There is suspense, brought on by music and the fact that you don't know what could be on the next screen. Often, there is a monster waiting for you, and if you don't respond in the first few critical seconds, he will get a shot of on you.

Blackthorne has a few not-so-obvious controls, that I have figured out (some by accident) and will share with you. The simple ones are moving around. Move left and right with the cursor keys, hide in the background with up, crouch with down. To jump up to ledges, put your gun away by pressing S and press up when under the ledge. Your gun must also be away when climbing ladders and leaping. Pressing enter or space will let you leap across two platforms if they are close enough.

Potions and bombs will be picked up along the way. Some of these drop when killing monsters and some are given to you from characters. To talk to another person, stand right where they are and press up. To pick up items after a monster has dropped them stand over it and press down. To select items form your list on the right use the NumPad (3 and 9/1 and 7). Finally, to use the selected item, press E. Make sure not to waste your hover bombs, as you will need them to blow up doors and kill certain monsters.


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