DOS Games: Strategy

Big Rig

Maker: Bill Pogue

Year: 1987

Rating: 4/5

Size: 50.2 KB

First of all, I want to give a big thanks to Htos1 for sending this rare game in. I personally had a lot of fun playing it.

Big Rig is a straightforward text based game. Your goal is to make the cross-country trip from Los Angeles to New York with your 18-wheeler. You get to choose from three types of cargo, each with different characteristics described in the game: U.S. mail, freight forwarding, and oranges. You also get to choose between the northern, middle, and southern route. More information on these can be found in the in-game instructions.

The goal is to make us much money as you can on your trip. This means keeping expenses down and not wasting any time. You'll have to keep your truck full of gas, stay away from getting too many speeding tickets, drive carefully in bad weather, stay rested, and make sure your tires are in top condition.

Every few hours, you'll come across a truck stop. Here you can fill up on gas, (the most you can carry is 200 gallons) which cost only about $1/gallon those days for diesel! This is also where you get sleep if you need it. Be careful, because it's tough to get sleep during the day and you can waste time if the daytime noises don't allow you to get the full amount of sleep you are trying to get.

Note: When you're at the opening screen with Big Rig in big letters and By Bill Pogue at the bottom, give it about 15 seconds and it will say "Press SPACE BAR to go on...".


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