DOS Games: Sidescroller

Batman: The Movie

Maker: Ocean/Data East/Astros Productions

Year: 1990

Rating: 4/5

Size: 380 KB

Batman: The Movie takes you through five levels as Bruce Wayne doing typical superhero stuff. The graphics are great for the year, and the options for them are impressive (CGA/EGA/Tandy/VGA, I found VGA to be the best). What sets this apart from generic sidescrollers is the Batrope, which can be used to climb up floors. The Batarang is Batman's offensive in this game. The enemies are various and have a range of weapons to watch out for. Additional hazards are poison dropping out of pipes and poison gas clouds.

To move Batman left and right use O and P. To move him up and down use Q and A. The Batarang is fired with Space. To deploy the Batrope straight in the air, press Q and Space. To deploy it diagonally, add O or P in there. To jump down a floor, press A and Space. Don't be fooled into thinking this is some kind of pointless movie gimmick game, I found it quite hard and couldn't even beat level one :(.


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