With today's faster and better computers, running some of the old games on this site may be difficult. Often, the games run too fast, or not at all. Here are some programs that should help people run games on any operating system and any computer.

DOSBox - This is the best DOS emulator that I know of. It has played tons of games for me. It is flexible with many options like changing the speed of cycles, changing the frameskip, full screen mode, and easy screenshot capturing. Check the readme.txt for all the shortcuts.

D-Fend - This is an awesome tool that I always use. It is a tool to help you use DOSBox. DOSBox is great and all, but it is a drag to use because you have to mount drives and type in the file names and all that stuff. D-Fend makes it easy. You can just browse for the files, and it saves the game profiles so you can play again. Very cool tool.

DOSShell - This program is similar to D-Fend. It uses DOSBox to run the games and gives you an easy interface to load them up. Using DOSBox by itself requires typing in a bunch of commands, but this program will let you select the game files and do all that for you. It was created by the Loonies Software Group.

I hope these applications will help you play all of the DOS games on the site.