DOS Games: Sidescroller

Alien Carnage - Halloween Harry

Maker: Apogee/SubZero Software/Interactive Binary Illusions

Year: 1994

Rating: 4/5

Size: 1.62 MB

In Alien Carnage, you play as Halloween Harry, and try to stop an alien invasion while saving humans. It's 2030 AD, and the aliens want to turn the humans into zombie slaves, and you have to stop them. If you see humans that look like half-alien/zombie types, just walk by them and they will go back to being normal people. Make sure to watch your fuel, as both the flamethrower and jet pack run on it. You can also switch to missiles, the other weapon you get at the start.

Collect coins by killing alien monsters, and use them to buy more stuff. When you get to a vending machine like contraption, press up to get the price, then fire to accept. Alien Carnage features some pretty in-depth controls. Aside from using the arrow keys to move (up to use the jet pack and fly up into the air, and down to kneel), you can also use 3 and 9 on the number keypad to look up and down. Alt is for fire, space switches weapons, and Ctrl can also be used the same as the up arrow key. If you don't like this configuration, you can make your own by going to Game Options>Keyboard Configure.