DOS Games: 3D Shooter

Alien Cabal

Maker: QASoft

Year: 1997

Rating: 4.2/5

Size: 12.4 MB

Alien Cabal is a cool and fun 3D shooter. The main problem is the bad graphics of the surroundings, because they can get very confusing. In Alien Cabal, an alien invasion comes to earth, and you must stop it. First, you need to find the secret underground lair, then destroy everything in it. Agents are walking the earth, but they are really aliens in disguise.

Move around by using the arrow keys. Use Page Down and Delete, or 3 and . on the NumPad to look up and down. End will return you to the normal view. Use Ctrl to shoot, 1-4 to switch weapons, and space to activate doors and such.

If you can, play this game without DOSBox, because it plays much smoother. I tried both, and in DOSBox, I had to turn the cycles up (Ctrl+F12). I had to turn it up a LOT.