DOS Games: Action/Arcade

Alley Cat - Control a cat in this old, old game by Bill Williams

Astrofire - Like an advanced version of the classic Asteroids

Blockout - Tetris in a 3D environment

Body Blows - Excellent fighter. Cool to play with someone or against the computer

Bombs and Bugs - Go up against three opponents and try to blow them up before they blow you up

Bubble Pop - One of the best games on the site. Strongly influenced by the arcade classic Bubble Bobble

Cannon Fodder - An excellent war action game

Cyberdogs - A simple top-down shooter

Cybersphere - Decent breakout type game. Weak graphics and too few levels drag it down

DX Ball - My favorite breakout type game. Requires clutch thinking to beat all 50 levels

Executioners - Execute some bad guys in this gory fighter

Invaders 1978 - The DOS version of the timeless classic

Jetpack - Collect all the jewels to advance

Liero - A real-time 2D worm shooter

Mansion - Escape from the mansion in this straightforward independent work

One Must Fall 2097 - A futuristic fighting game involving giant robots.

Pacman - Another classic in DOS form. This version of Pacman features a large playing area about two screens long

Paperboy 2 - Live the life of a paper delivery person

Pinball Dreams - An entertaining pinball game with four different machines

Raptor: Call of the Shadows - Very cool vertically scrolling flying game. Shoot down brigades of enemies and even destroy some buildings to make it to the boss and beat the level

Sango Fighter - A simple fighter with nice graphics set in ancient Asia

Shooting Gallery - Practice your shot

Skyroads - Awesome space themed game

Skyroads Xmas - Self explanatory. 30 more levels

Space Junkie - Very fun space shoot-em-up

Tetris Pro - The same Tetris everyone loves, in DOS form

Trog - Save dinosaur eggs from cavemen

Ugh! - Your chance to be a prehistoric taxi driver

WormWars 3 - A great independent game similar (but much more advanced than) the classic Snake

XQuest 2 - Pick up gems as fast as you can in this simple yet detailed game

Zona 0 - One for all the Tron fans