DOS Games: Sports

10th Frame Bowling

Maker: Access Software Inc.

Year: 1987

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 28.2 KB

It is hard to believe that such a game can be packed into 28.2 KBs. 10th Frame Bowling was less plain than expected. You can choose between League or Open Bowling play. The League mode lets you pit two teams against each other. Each team may consist of up to 4 players, and the ability level can be either Kids, Amateur, or Pro. The ability level is the difficulty. Once that is set, choose how many games you will play (from one to three).

When you are set to play, more the target left and right to aim. Then press space to activate the speed/hook bar. Note: the Kids ability level isn't affected by hook. I suggest playing at the Kids level in the beginning.

The starting controls are pretty discrete. At the start menu, there is a line hidden in the credits (the last line) that says "Select League or Open Bowling". Press L or O for what type you want, and you are on your way. Keep using the keyboard to select further options.